Is my website Search Engine friendly?

Yes, our websites feature search engine friendly URLs, properly structured code and the ability to set search keywords and description. Sites with frequently updated content perform better with search engines. Therefore, the fact that you can easily manage the content on your site will help achieve good search engine visibility.

Why doesn't my website appear in search results?

It may take up to 2 months after your site got published and was linked from other websites before search engines crawl and index it.  If your site content is relevant and sites in the same sphere link back to your website, good search engine rankings will follow up.


How can I improve my website performance in the search engine results? 

Nothing can help improve your search engine rankings more than relevant content with high keywords density and links to your site from other, highly popular websites in the same sphere. However, in order to facilitate search engines in indexing your site well you can consider:

  • Adding appropriate keywords to your website. The option is available from the Control Panel label on top right of your website Admin -> "Site Properties" > "Special features" > "Site Keywords" and from Control Panel -> "Page Properties" > "Special features" > "Keywords"
  • Submitting your site to the most popular search engines and directories: MSN, Google, Yahoo, WhatUSeek, DMOZ


Can I add a favicon to my website?

Yes you can. Please follow this tip for step-by-step instructions.


Can I upload Search-engine optimization files in the root folder of my Web site?

Yes, you can. Open Site Properties and add the file in the Site Static files section.