How do I use the content sections to shape my page layout? 

Sections allow for a more flexible organization of the content on the page. They are especially useful for forming small, visually distinctive info blocks with title and brief content - product spotlights, highlights, intro texts. In each section you can add text and images, files, news and any other content.


Can I add sections to any content area on the page?

You can add Sections in some content areas only, which have been identified as suitable for holding sections from usability and design perspective. To find out in which areas you can add sections click Add Content from the top Admin menu, and in More options click the Section Group. Green rectangles will appear to indicate the locations where section groups may be added.


My horizontal classic sections do not have equal width.

You may fix the width of horizontal classic sections from the Section properties > Special features. Choose the same fixed width (in % or px) for all sections in your Section Group.