When do changes in the menu get published? 

Since the navigation menu is a content element that is common for all pages - changes in it appear in the Normal View after you publish any of the pages.

My navigation menu is missing in Normal view although it is visible in Admin view. 

Please check if your Navigation Menu is not hidden from viewers. Any content hidden from viewers is not visible in Normal View even after publishing the page, and appears greyed in Admin view. To make the menu visible in Normal View, roll over the menu and make sure a blue rectangle will mark the area of the whole menu. Then, from the blue wrench icon appearing on top left  select More and "Show to viewers". Publish the page. Your menu should now be available in Normal View as well.


How many subnavigation levels may I have?

Your main navigation allows for one level of subnavigation. If you need to add several subpages for each of your subnavigation pages you may link to them using a per-page navigation area.


Can I change the position and orientation of my navigation and subnavigation?

Some designs allow you to choose between left, center and right alignment of your navigation. Most designs allow to choose between different orientation (horizontal, vertical), layout (dropdown, stripe) and animation effects (slide, fade, no animation) for the main menu subnavigation. All these options are available in the main navigation properties. If you need to switch from vertical to horizontal main navigation and vice-versa, you may simply switch to a design featuring such a navigation.


Can I create an intro (splash) page with no navigation on it?

Yes, choose Splash layout for your page, from Page Layout option. The Splash page layout has no navigation, just content areas.