Can I insert music or movies on the page?

Yes, the Text and Image editor allows you to insert music, videos or flash movies directly on the page. Here is the list of supported media formats within the Text and Image editor:


























"aif" "aifc"  


Please note that only files with Flash Video (FLV) format will stream. To stream video files with different format you may either convert them to FLV (using On2 Flix Standard or a similar convert tool), or upload them to Google Video or You Tube and embed them in your website from there. See how to add streaming media with YouTube and Google Video.


I added a media file using the Text and Images editor but it doesn't play in Admin view.

All media files except flash will not play in your website admin. A placeholder image will denote the location of your media. After you publish the page, your media file will play in your end-user website view.


My video file does not play even after publish.

Make sure your browser has the needed media plugin to play the movie. Alternatively, you may convert your video to Flash Video (FLV) and play it with Adobe Flash Player, available on more than 99% from all internet connected computers.


Can I create podcasts?

Yes, you can create podcasts by embedding Yahoo! Media Player in your site. Thus your website visitors will be able to play your audio files directly from your site. Learn more