Logo and Slogan



How can I create a logo?

You may create a logo using any imaging program or using our Logo Manager.


What is the recommended logo size? 

With some designs, the recommended logo size is printed below the box for adding a logo. If the size is not printed, you can figure out the approximate size needed by making a snapshot of your site, and opening the snapshot in any imaging program. Select the logo area and check the area dimensions displayed.


I have a logo, how can I resize it to the recommended size?

You can resize your logo, and images in general, using any imaging program. Open the logo image in your imaging program and choose Image > Resize or an identical option. Make sure you checked the 'maintain aspect ratio' (or an equivalent) option to keep your image proportions unchanged.


My logo does not blend well with the design background. Why?

If you created your logo on a white background, but your design background is not white, your logo will appear on a white mat. To blend the logo with the design background, make sure you saved the logo image with a transparent background. You can use this tool to create a transparent version of any GIF logo.


Do I need to add the slogan on each page from the site?

If you add your slogan (tagline) in the to the right of the logo, this slogan will appear on all pages.