What type of site may I build?

  • You can create and launch a personal or business website

  • You can update your website from anywhere in the world, using just a browser

  • You can add unlimited number of pages and any type of content - text, music, video, photo galleries and files

  • You can add interactive elements such as a discussion forum or blog, web forms, mailing lists

  • You can safely work on content changes while visitors are browsing your site

  • You can publish updates instantly

  • You can restrict access to specific areas on your site to select users

  • You can monitor site statistics

  • You can have your site hosted under your own domain


What limitations do I have when building my website?

Each new version brings in new features which are automatically integrated into your website. Currently we do not offer the following capabilities:

  • There is no option for simultaneous editing of the same content by several users. Page-locking is on our todo list.
  • There are no different administrative access levels, approval work flow and history of changes.
  • There isn't an integrated shopping cart system with online credit card processing. But you can seamlessly integrate shopping cart and buy-now buttons through E-junkie, PayPal, 2CheckOut, Google Checkout and all merchant tools that allow for HTML script integration.
  • You can't use the tool as a general hosting solution - we don't offer FTP, SSH or ability to run custom scripts. We provide instead an integrated platform where you can build web sites without any need of FTP, SSH or scripting knowledge.
  • You need to be connected to the internet in order to edit your site.


What makes us different from other similar solutions?

The key advantages that set our site creation tool apart from the multitude of website building tools are:

  • Professional and highly customizable designs
  • An integrated platform to launch, manage and host a website with all types of content and interactive features
  • Flexible pricing structure to accommodate any type of web project
  • Easy to use even for beginners with no technical skills at all


What do I need to build a site?

A browser and internet connection. A couple of hours,  And, of course, content and ideas!


Can I add files to my site with FTP?

Our system does not support FTP. The product has been designed with the aim to allow people without technical skills to create feature-rich web sites. We are not trying to compete with companies offering standard FTP-based hosting. This market has been saturated and we can't really provide any competitive advantage there.


How can I migrate a site to your system?

You can easily migrate any site by simply copy-pasting the text and images from your current site to your website's Text and Image editor. Although the copy-paste is not applicable for some features (like photo galleries, images opening in a popup, etc) and they have to be recreated anew, the time you'll spend recreating your site with our sitebuilder will definitely pay off. Here is why:

  • You won't need to become an HTML/JS/FTP expert to maintain your web site on a regular basis

  • You don't need to install and update any software

  • You don't need to buy hosting (you get integrated high-performance hosting)

  • You can edit your web site from any computer with a popular browser

  • You don't have to worry about broken images or links

  • All your pages will have a professional, consistent look and feel

  • You can publish changes instantly

  • You can change the design of your site with a single click


What browsers and operating systems is my website compatible with?

Your website is fully compatible with Internet Explorer 7.0+, Safari 4.0+, Firefox 1.0+ and Google Chrome 8.0+ . Other browsers are only partially supported and some features may not work properly.


Fully and partially supported browsers grouped by OS:


Fully supported browsers

Partially supported browsers


Internet Explorer 7.0+

Firefox 1.0 +

Safari for Windows 4.0+

Google Chrome 8.0+


Internet Explorer 6.0

Safari 3.0


Firefox 1.0 +



Mac OS X 10.6.x

Firefox 9.0 +

Safari 5.0+

Google Chrome 8.0+


Safari 3.0

*We recommend a system with at least a 1Ghz processor, and 512Mb RAM for managing the site from the Admin area.

Safari for iPhone / iPad still does not offer a Rich Text Editing engine that the web editors use to provide the ability to edit the site and format rich text content. We understand that Apple has support for this feature on the development roadmap, but until then editing options are limited.

Can I create a multi-language website?

Yes, our tool supports multi-language content. Please note that on some designs the menu items or page and section titles may not work with some specific encodings. Full multi-language support for these areas is included in upcoming releases.


Can I export the content of my site?

Yes, you can download the site and its content with any download tool such as HTTrack. Please bear in mind that you will be able to download just a static version of the content on all pages, not an interactive site which can be managed the same way as on our website platform.