News Section


I don't seem to have an option to add news to my website. Why?

The News element is available in the following designs only:

  • Bright Flowers
  • Minimalistic
  • Standard
  • Cocoa
  • FutureTech
  • Charcoal

With these designs you can add news in one of the page areas - usually to the right or left of the main content area. In the rest of the designs news may be added simply as text titles linked to internal pages with the detailed news content.


When do updates to news get published?

The News group is common for all pages with news on the site. To publish updates within the news just publish any page that contains a news group.


Can I have different news items on the different pages of my site?

The News group is common for all pages it is inserted on. That's why when you add a News group to a new page it appears with the news items already added there. When you add, delete or edit a news item - the update appears on all pages that feature news.


I lost my news after changing to another design.

If you have switched from a design which features news to one which doesn't, the news group will not be visible with the new design. The news items are not lost and will be restored once you convert to a design featuring a News area.


Can I set a News group to be displayed on all pages of my site? Can I remove a News group from all pages at once?

The News area (in those designs that feature such) is one for the whole site, but you should define individually for each page if it should be displayed there or not.


How do I delete a News group?

In order to delete a News Group you need to remove it from all pages it is inserted on. Roll over the News group icon and from the Edit  icon on the left select "Edit > Delete". Repeat this on each page which features news.