Mailing Lists


What is a mailing list?

The mailing list is a powerful way to keep in touch with customers, members of an organization or people interested in what you do by sending out newsletters. Visitors interested in receiving updates can sign up to your mailing list from a subscription form on your site. The mailing list administrative interface will let you manage the list of subscribers and easily send messages to thousands of emails. The mailing list comes with an integrated unsubscribe interface that is appended to each message.

You can also use the mailing list functionality to create a members only area on your site by restricting access to pages or select resources only to subscribers.


How do I delete a mailing list? 

To delete a mailing list first remove all references to this mailing lists - the references may be from mailing list subscription forms, or web forms with option with Add to mailing list option enabled. After all references have been removed, access the mailing list management panel from Control Panel > Maling Lists. Click the Delete  icon for the mailing list you need to remove.


Can I import the email addresses from a mailing list I already have? 

Yes, you can import an already available email address list into your website mailing list. In order to easily copy-paste all addresses, modify the format of your current list to be one address per line.

  • Add a mailing list to your website
  • Click the Control panel option in the top menu and select "Mailing Lists"
  • Click on the name of the mailing list
  • Click on the "Add Subscribers" button
  • In the "Email Addresses" text area, paste your list of email addresses, one per line.
  • Press "Add"


Can I have several mailing lists on my site?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of mailing lists you can add on your site.


Can I have users subscribe to the same mailing list from different pages on my site?

Yes, your visitors can subscribe to the same mailing list from mailing list forms added to different pages.


Can I add more input fields to the mailing list subscription form?

You will need to use the Forms editor in order to create a mailing list subscription form which contains other input fields beside the email address one.

  • Use the Mailing List form wizard   to add the initial fields of the form.
  • Then add all other fields you want users to fill in as well - name, contact info, what type of information they're interested in receiving etc.
  • Click on the "Submit" button and select the option Send to Email.

This way the form will send all submitted information to the specified email address and will add the user's email to the Mailing list.

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Can I send rich-text or HTML newsletters with the mailing list?

Currently you can send only plain-text messages with the mailing list functionality. We'd recommend placing the rich text and images content on a landing page created on your site and sending a brief plain-text message with link to that page as a newsletter. This will also allow you to easily track the response rate to your newsletter by monitoring the hits statistics for the landing page.

The ability to send HTML messages with the mailing list is included in our todo list for upcoming releases.


Can I send messages with attachments using the mailing list interface?

This option is not currently available, but will be included as a feature in the upcoming releases.