What is integrated hosting?

With our website builder you create your site online, directly on the web storage space allocated for your account. The content management system takes care to distribute the resources you add on your site along the servers of our hosting infrastructure and assure high availability for your site at all times. In other words, the web hosting service is fully automated and an integral part of your website account. You don't need to look for providers, choose from complex hosting plans, deal with technical setup, take care of backups or worry about the availability of your site at peak traffic periods. Your website is already hosted.


Integrated hosting also means that you can't use your website account space for a general-purpose hosting space. You won't be able to upload a ready site you have, without using our designs and content management tools.


How reliable is my website hosting? Is my website content backed up?

Your site runs on a global scalable server infrastructure located in several secure data-centers for high-availability, with gigabit connectivity to tier1 providers, robust load-balancing mechanism, redundant storage and automated backup and monitoring system. We do daily off-site backups of your site.


Can I make a website with you and host it on a different server?

No. We offer a complex publishing framework in which site building tools and hosting are integrated as one service. You may export a static version of your site using any download manager and host it on any other server, but you won't be able to edit the site with our content management tools there.