How do I upload multiple images in an image gallery at once? 

Just add all the images you wish to upload in the gallery in a compressed (zipped) folder. Then rollover your Image Gallery and click the icon to start adding images. Green rectangles will appear to indicate the locations where the images may be added. Select the desired location. In the window displayed browse to the zipped folder located on your local drive. 


What is the difference between thumbnail and slideshow view of the gallery?

  • In thumbnail mode gallery image thumbnails are displayed in columns and rows on the page. This mode is more appropriate for galleries with a large number of images where you wish to have easier visibility on the overall set of images.
  • In slideshow mode one image at a time is displayed on the page. The slideshow is particularly appropriate for a fancier presentation of up-close view of images. It also allows for a number of transition effects.

Both views offer a selection of navigation options and allow you to open an enlarged view of images on click on a thumbnail.


How can I add a comment for some image?

When adding a new image you can specify a brief comment for it in the "Comment" field in Gallery Image Properties. Note that if you are uploading a zip of images at once, the comment will be applied for each image in the zip. In order to modify the comment for an already added image, simply rollover the gallery image and click the blue icon displayed on top left of the image. In the Gallery Image Properties popup file your notes in the "Comment" field and press "Update".

By default, gallery image comments are displayed below each image, but you can select a different option:

  • Rollover the Image Gallery and click its blue icon to open Image Gallery Properties
  • Expand the "Thumbnails" section by clicking on the "View Advanced Options" link next to it.
  • From the "Show Comments" dropdown select the desired option for displaying image comments.


The thumbnails of my images are badly cropped. Can I disable the cropping?

Yes. If your gallery consists of images in portrait and landscape formats, it could be difficult to select a thumbnail size that will accommodate equally well both formats. In this case you can disable the option "Crop Thumbnail" available in "Gallery Image Properties > Thumbnails > View Advanced Options". All images will now preserve their original aspect ratio as thumbnails.


How can I make the large view of images fit in the image viewer?

First, select appropriate image viewer size from "Image Gallery Properties > Popup Viewer > Popup dimensions". The large view of the images will automatically be prepared so that the smaller side of the image fits in full in the dimensions set for the image viewer with an option to pan in order to view the rest of the image. If you wish the large view of your images to fit in full in the image viewer, in "Popup Viewer section", select "Show Advanced Options" and check the "Scale to Fit check" box.


When clicking on a thumbnail in my Image Gallery, the pop-up with large view wouldn't open.

  • If you have installed some pop-up blocking software like Google toolbar, Yahoo companion, etc. please make sure you have turned the pop-up blocking off for our main domain.

  • Make sure you have selected "View Enlarged" in the link option for images. You can change the link option by rolling over the Gallery Image and clicking its icon displayed on top left.


Can I link directly to the URL of an image added in my website?

To keep our websites fast and cost-effective we utilize a sophisticated Content Delivery Network which load-balances all images and files between our 4 datacenters worldwide and serves them from the least loaded datacenter, nearest to the user. Therefore, the URLs of images and files get constantly changed and linking directly to an image or file URL may result in a broken link.

A nice workaround would be to insert the image in a file area and use the file's permanent URL to link directly to it.


How do I start the slide show in the Popup viewer?

1. Make sure you have selected "View Enlarged" in the link option for your Gallery Images.

2. In the Image Gallery properties, open "Popup Viewer" section and check that "Slideshow" is set to "Enabled" (auto start or manual).

3. Click the first gallery image to open the popup viewer.

4. If you have selected auto start the slideshow will start playing with the opening of the viewer. If you have selected manual start, press the Slideshow play button in order to start it.


The images I uploaded are very large, but there doesn't seem to be an option to zoom in to the full view.

By default the originals are not preserved on the site after generating the thumbnail and large view images. To enable this option, rollover your Image Gallery and click the icon on top left to open the Image Gallery Properties. In the "Options" section > "Appearance & Options", select the "Keep Original Images" checkbox. You will need to reupload your images again to have the original show up as an available in the Popup Viewer.

I can't see the image gallery on one of my pages although it is published

The problem could be due to browser cache or interference of security programs installed on your computer.

Please try clearing your browser cache first. 

If you are using Internet Explorer:

1. Select "Tools" > "Internet Options"

2. In the "General" tab - press the "Settings" button in the "Temporary Internet Files" section.
3. Click "Delete files" button in the "Temporary Internet Files" section.
4. In the pop-up that opens, check "Delete offline content". Click "OK".


For FireFox, please follow these steps:
1. Select "Tools" > "Options"
2. In the "Privacy" tab locate the "Cache" option and press "Clear"

3. Press "OK".

Close all browser windows then open a new browser and try to login and try publishing.


If the clearing of cache doesn't help, please check if you have an internet security program enabled on your machine such as Norton Internet Security, Zone Alarm or others.  Such programs may alter the code of the page and not all elements on it may be properly displayed. If disabling the software doesn't help, please Contact us using the Help button in your website Admin for further help.


I have selected a transition effect for the slideshow but it doesn't seem to be working when I view the images in the Gallery

The transition effects available for the slideshow of thumbnails and large view of images are currently only supported by the inbuilt features of Internet Explorer. That's why if you are viewing the gallery with another browser, the images may change without transition effect. We would recommend using the Fade transition effect, as it is supported by FireFox and Safari as well.


How do I keep my gallery images from being enlarged and printed by anybody?

In order to allow access to the original images and printing capabilities to selected users only, we'd recommend you to set small Popup Viewer Dimensions when uploading your images and combine this with Access Restriction for the original images.


This way, the larger view of images, which appears when you click on the thumbnail will be with too small resolution to print. Only users who are given the password and whose email is added to the list of authorized persons, will be able to access the originals and make quality photo prints.


We can also recommend you to create a page which explains that the images are copyrighted and that access to quality resolution and prints can be obtained after filling in a form. If you wish to sell the right to use the images, add a PayPal button as well. Once you receive a PayPal notification for received payment, you can add the user's email to the list of persons authorized to access and print the originals and send them the password.

I want to open an enlarged view of an image placed in the Text and Image editor

To do so you'll have to place the larger image on a separate page not included in the site navigation.  Then link the smaller image to this page.
Another option would be to insert an Image Gallery with a single image in it, but this won't allow you to wrap the text around the small image.