Forum / Blog


What is the difference between Forum and Blog?

The difference between the Forum and Blog is mainly in the visualization. Each forum/ blog is a two-level structure: on the first level we have Postings / Threads (in forum) or Entries (in blog) and on the second level - Comments.

Select the Forum layout for a concise list of all posted thread titles with number of views and comments on each. Choose the Blog layout for a full view of entries with number of comments for each (but not views).


Can I switch between Forum and Blog layout at any time? Will I lose the current postings.

You can switch between Forum and Blog layout at any time. All postings and comments will be preserved, just visualized differently.

To change the layout simply rollover the Forum / Blog  and open its properties by clicking the blue icon displayed on top left. From the "Layout" dropdown on top select Forum or Blog. Click "Update".


Can I have several blogs or forums on my site?

Yes, you can have an unlimited number of forums or blogs on your website.


How do I create a moderators list?  Can I assign anyone as my forum moderator?

You can assign any person with who has an account with us as the moderator of your forum / blog. The moderators, just like the site owner, can approve move or delete postings and comments, as well as edit their content.  To create a moderators list follow these steps:

  • Rollover the Forum / Blog and open its properties by clicking the blue icon displayed on top left
  • Click the "View Options" link on the "Access Permissions" section to expand it
  • In the "Moderators" section, look up the user you wish to add as moderator by their account login or by their email
  • Select and move the users you wish to set as moderators from the "Users List" to the "Current Moderators" field
  • Press "Update" and publish

Each of the selected users will now be able to moderate your forum or blog after logging to it with their website login and password.


Can moderators change the Forum / Blog settings?

No. The ability to edit the Forum / Blog properties and change layout, set access permissions, enable special features, etc. is available only for the site owner after logging into the Admin area of the site.


Can I review new postings before they get published?

In order to be able to review new postings and comments and approve them before publication you should set the appropriate access permissions for your forum/ blog:

  • Rollover the Forum / Blog and open its properties by clicking the blue icon displayed on top left
  • Click the "View Options" link on the "Access Permissions" section to expand it
  • From the options for Anonymous / Registered users to add postings and comments select "Allow - Requires Approval"

New postings and comments will now be visible only for the site owner or forum/blog moderators and will require approval by them before being published.


Someone left an offensive posting on my forum or blog. Can I remove or edit it?

Yes, the site owner or forum/ blog moderators can delete or edit undesired postings. To do so, click the Login link to the top right area of your forum / blog and sign in with your website login and password. You will see a tool icon in front of each posting. Roll over the tool icon for the posting you wish to modify and from the options that will appear select Edit / Delete. Publish the page.


Can I set blocking for postings containing offensive language?

Yes, you can filter or block postings with offensive content by setting appropriate word censoring options for your forum / blog:

  • Rollover the Forum / Blog and open its properties by clicking the blue icon displayed on top left
  • Click "View Options" in the "Special Features" section and check the "Word Censoring" checkbox
  • From the "Action" dropdown select if postings containing offensive words should be blocked, or just the exact words filtered.
  • In the Forbidden Words field enter the exact words which should trigger the selected action. File each word on a separate line.
  • Press "Update" and publish.

What is RSS? How can users and websites subscribe to my forum's RSS feed?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a an easy way to distribute new forum / blog postings to your visitors or provide content feed to other web sites. It is a lightweight XML format of forum/ blog postings which is automatically exported at a specified RSS feed address. This export allows the titles and brief content of forum / blog postings and comments to be displayed on other sites or viewed with a RSS reader by users who subscribe to your RSS feed. The RSS service automatically retrieves and shows the new forum/blog postings.


You can enable RSS feed for your forum / blog from Forum / Blog Properties > "Special Features" > "RSS Feed" checkbox. You can define if the URL for RSS feed will be available publicly as a link, or private.  Clicking on the "RSS Link" will give you the RSS feed URL to insert in your RSS reader settings.

Can I create a forum or blog with restricted access?

Yes. You can easily restrict access to the page your forum or blog resides on by password, mailing list membership or both. See this tip on creating member-only areas for step-by-step instructions.


Can I embed an RSS digest from a forum / blog within another page?

We plan the integrated RSS syndication element in one of the future releases. For now it is possible to display RSS feeds from a forum or blog on another page with the help of a third-party service. See this tip on how to display RSS feeds in your website.


Can I insert images or HTML snippets in forum/blog postings?

Yes, you can. When writing a posting, simply click on the image or snippet icon on the formatting toolbar.