Uploading Files


What types of files can I store in a File Area?

You can use the File Area to store any type of files for easy download - reports, spreadsheets, a zip of images etc. Any type of file format is allowed for upload except .exe/.dll/.bat/.sys files. Due to security reasons our intrusion detection system will block your IP on attempt to upload a file in one of these formats.

Is there a file size limit for uploading files?

There is no particular limit on the file size upload. Since the upload goes over HTTP protocol however, you can usually upload around 100Mb depending on the speed of your internet connection.


What is the available bandwidth for uploading / downloading files?

There is no formal bandwidth limit (fair use policy apply). All sites are hosted on a content delivery network, which aggregates the bandwidth of many data centers around the world and provide scalable and redundant hosting infrastructure. Having gigabit connectivity in each data-center ensures your site won't go down if it hits the first page of cnn or digg.


Can I link directly to the URL of a file uploaded in a File area?

In order to achieve great scalability and performance we host all uploaded files on many servers situated in different geographic locations. One and the same file can have a different URL depending on where the person who is requesting it is located. The system can also change files' location depending on the current load to ensure fast serving of content even when traffic surges. Due to these reasons, our file URLs are dynamic.

You can link to a file directly, however, using the file permanent URL. From the Admin View, go to the file area and rollover the file. Click the file icon  to open the File Properties. Open the Access Control options and copy the address from the Permanent URL field. You can use it as a direct link to the uploaded file.


Can I use FTP to upload files to my site?

No, our website tool does not support FTP. You can upload and manage files in the File Areas using our web-based interface. Our website builder has been designed with the aim to allow people without technical skills to create feature-rich web sites. We are not trying to compete with companies offering standard FTP-based hosting.


I am using Internet Explorer and have problems downloading files if I copy-paste the URL of the file in a new browser window.

In order to work-around the issue, please update your browser settings as follows:

1. From the options on top of Internet Explorer browser window choose "Tools" > "Internet Options"
2. In "Advanced" tab scroll down to "HTTP 1.1 settings"
3. Select "Use HTTP 1.1" (see image)
4. Click "Apply", click "OK"

If the problem persists, Contact us using the Help button in your website Admin .



Can I restrict access to a particular file to select users?

Yes, you can restrict the access to a file by password, mailing list membership or both. This feature is particularly useful for storing confidential reports, company documentation and other files which need to be accessible only to select users. Follow the steps below:

  • Rollover the file and click the icon displayed on its top left to open the File Properties.
  • Click on "Show Options" for the "Access Control" section.
  • In the "Password" field define the password or leave it blank for none.
  • From the "Allow only for members of" dropdown select the mailing list whose members you wish to give access to this file.
  • Press "Update" and publish the changes.

Now only visitors who know the password and/or are members of the selected mailing list will be able to access the file.