Content Editing



Can several people edit content on the site at the same time?

Not currently. If several people make changes over the same content only the updates of the last one will be saved. One of our next versions will introduce a page locking mechanism which will allow for multi-user editing.

Can I undo changes and revert to a previous version of the content?

Although our system supports versioning of content, for the time being there is no user interface to undo a change once saved even if you haven't published to Normal View yet. The option to revert to the last published version of content will be introduced in future releases. Currently, you can use Undo / Redo functionality only while working within the Text and Image editor before you have submitted the changes to the page.  If you have applied an update in Admin View that you wish to undo and the change is not published to Normal View yet you can restore the content by copy-pasting it from Normal View.

My website is too slow to view and edit.

Our website builder is hosted on a distributed network of servers that has been designed to provide fast loading from any part of the world. If you are experiencing a slow down, there most probably is a reason on your or our end that is preventing you from taking full advantage of the global hosting infrastructure.

  • If you are using Internet Explorer to edit your website we can recommend you install the free HTTP Watch plug in on your computer. When a slowdown is observed, please copy/paste the result from loading the page obtained from HTTP Watch  and send it to us.
  • If  you are using another browser, please Contact us using the Help button in your website Admin and report the exact URL of the page where the slowdown was observed as well as the approximate time. We'll check the cause for the reported accident into our system logs and provide further assistance.