What e-commerce tools may I integrate in my site?

You may integrate any e-commerce tools that allow integration through a piece of code added in an HTML Snippet on your site. We recommend PayPal Buy now buttons and Shopping cart, 2Checkout, E-junkie and Google Checkout, but you may also integrate any other tools that meet the above requirement.


How do I secure my website e-commerce pages?

When you integrate e-commerce tools using the HTML Snippet, the customer checkout happens on the site of the e-commerce solution provider. The solution providers are making sure their checkout is secured and meets the requirements of the related security institutions.


How do I create a page with product images and PayPal buttons lined up beneath them?

Add a Text and Images editor on your page, and add a table with several rows and columns in it. Arrange your product text, images and payment buttons in the table cells (see an example content arrangement here). To add a payment button in some table cell, put your cursor inside the cell, click the HTML Snippeticon and enter your HTML button code in the HTML Snippet box on the right.


Can I have a registration form that directs to a page with payment buttons after submitted?

Yes. Create your registration form using the Web form feature. Create a page with your payment button on it. Put the payment page as the Next page for your form, by clicking the form Submit button and selecting your payment page from the Next Page dropdown.