Domain Name Setup


Can I have my website hosted under my own domain?

Yes, you can have your site displayed under your own registered domain. Visitors browsing the site will see your domain in the address bar on any page of the site.Check the Custom Domain tutorial for instructions on setting up a custom domain for your site.


How and where may I purchase a domain?

You may purchase a domain from any domain registrar. We recommend registering a domain through GoDaddy due to its intuitive interface. Of course, getting a domain from any other registrar will also work.


Can I set up my domain to open my website by using domain redirection or URL forwarding?

We recommend to use direct pointing to our IP address by modifying the A record for the domain. Forwarding or redirection of the domain will affect the Search engine indexation of the site.


I can't locate the DNS management options at my registrar's website. What should I do?

The interface for managing domains is different with each registrar. If you can't locate the DNS management options and set up your domain as, let us know which registrar you are using and we'll try to provide further help.

It is possible that your registrar doesn't provide an option to manage DNS directly from the website. In this case you may consider using one of the free DNS hosting providers we have selected in point C of the Custom Domain tutorial.


I am required to enter Name Servers for my domain. Which are the Name Servers I should enter?

If your subscription plan includes DNS hosting, please Contact us using the Help button in your website Admin for information on the Name Servers you need to set for your domain.  

Otherwise, you need to use the default domain name servers of your registrar. In case your registrar does not offer DNS and mail hosting, you may use some free DNS hosting alternatives like EveryDNS.


I have set up my domain according to the instructions, but my website doesn't come up when I type in the address.

DNS updates require up to 48 hours in order to get fully propagated. If your site is not showing up under your domain after this period has passed, Contact us using the Help button in your website Admin for further help.


When I access my domain I see a page from

Please make sure you have filed your domain names in the My Domain section in Site Properties for your website.

  • Go to the Admin view of your site. From Control Panel option choose Site Properties
  • Your domain name(s) should be listed in the "My domain" field (with and without "www."), so the domain setup can be properly completed.